Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vietnam: Ha Giang Confirmed Death: 13 Contacts Suspected, 3 Hospitalized #H1N1

[This is a post regarding the death in the previous post in Ha Giang - here:
Ha Giang Province
Name: 15 (F) - Bàn Thị Lành
From: Na Bau, Ngoc Duong, Ha Giang city,
Onset:  6/19, diarrhea, coughing in a.m., runny nose, chest tightness, fever sweating, headache
Adm:  6/22 Medical Center
Adm:  6/28  Provincial Hospital
sym’s on adm: high fever, cough, breathless
Diag. on Adm:  Resp. Tract Infec.
Confirmed:  6/27
Note:  14 Suspected; 3 Hospitalized
DOD:  4/7

It is a bit rough in it's translation]
July 6, 2013

When shifting about, Ban Thi L., in Ha Giang still eat normally, then colic diarrhea, accompanied by cough, bloodshot eyes, chest pain, fever sweating After 9 days ... coma, Storage Packaging, L., died.
Test results of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology showed that patients Ban Thi L., defined positive for influenza A (H1N1). According to the Medical Center of Ha Giang City, outside Ban Thi L., Na is in Bau, Ngoc Duong, Ha Giang (where the female rural living) there with 13 other people and suspected influenza A (H1N1). Currently 3 patients are being treated at the Provincial Hospital and CHS, 10 patients were treated at home, health is stable. Immediately after the incident, Ha Giang Health Department has Document No. 529/SYT-NVY, 4-7 days "About deploying measures to handle outbreaks of influenza A (H1N1). Ha Giang Health Department has directed the Center for Preventive Medicine provinces, provincial Hospital, Medical Center City outbreak handled expeditiously.

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