Monday, July 22, 2013

China: Hebei Prov. - Langfang Press Conference on Farmers Market Findings #H7N9

Translation out of China
According to Voice of China "National Network News" reported that the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau yesterday informed, one case was diagnosed in Hebei Province to Beijing for treatment of patients infected with human H7N9 avian influenza confirmed cases, currently Beijing Chaoyang Hospital in critical condition. Langfang City, Hebei Province, announced today that the disease control department: Already in live poultry markets frequented by patients found positive for H7N9 virus samples.Local strict prevention and control measures are being taken to prevent the development of the epidemic.
Reporters from the just concluded Langfang H7N9 avian influenza press briefing learned that the local epidemic prevention departments have the patient frequented Anci District Maiwa comprehensive farmers market found positive for H7N9 virus samples from poultry trading market stalls sewage.
Langfang Municipal Health Bureau Party Committee member Chengyu Qiu: Until at 0:00 on July 21, were detected in close contact with the H7N9 patient swabs, integrated market trading of live poultry manure and sewage extrinsic environmental point of 53 specimens, except one environment specimens positive results, but which were negative.
According Cheng Yuqiu introduction, Langfang City is taking stringent measures to control the epidemic prevention and control development.
Chengyu Qiu: Close City live bird markets; further strengthening of close contacts under medical observation, abnormal immediately dispose of; right now all hospitalized cases of severe pneumonia, unexplained pneumonia cases for all sampling and testing; further improve the prevention and control knowledge publicity, so people know that people infected with H7N9 avian influenza can be prevented, controlled and governance. (Reporter Du Zhen Hebei Langfang Taiwan Taiwan Reporter correspondent Qiu Chun-Xia Li Jia)

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