Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Research focus on animal viruses

Recent global events highlight the need to ramp up research into viruses that spread from animals to humans, says a biosecurity expert.
"We are combining CSIRO's world-leading bat virology research with Duke-NUS medical expertise in the development of new and more effective methods for the discovery, treatment, prevention and control of new and emerging diseases in people."
Research is already underway with the team at Duke-NUS working to develop new tests for early and rapid detection of emerging infectious diseases, such as Hendra virus and coronaviruses.
CSIRO scientists with expertise in bat virology will then test and validate these new platforms at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, the world's most advanced high containment facility, located in Geelong Victoria.
This work builds on CSIRO's biosecurity research, including the delivery of a biological control for one of the world's most invasive pests - the silverleaf whitefly - and the recent development of an equine Hendra virus vaccine. 

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