Monday, July 22, 2013

Hebei Province - #H7N9 Case Listing - China CDC: No Mutation

I have not found an article that states that the woman bought chickens.  Only vegetables.  So for right now, we have a woman who frequently shopped at the Anci District Maiwa Farmers Market.  Developed symptoms, which included cough, on the 10th of July.    Eight days later she is transferred into the ICU of the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital on life support.

Hebei Province
Date of Report:  7/20/13
Name:  61(F)
From:  Langfang, Hebei Province
Onset:  7/10
Adm:  7/13  Local hospital
Adm:  7/18 Beijing Chaoyang Hospital to Critical Condition
Confirmed:  7/20
Note:  Frequently purchased veg’s @ local store that sold live poultry.  Anci District Maiwa Farmers Market positive for H7N9 virus in manure of poultry stalls.

July 22, 2013
Health Planning: H7N9 has not variation
In disease control: To limit the cross-regional flow of poultry
Legal Evening News (Reporter Wang Tingting) 22 am, the National Health and Family Planning Commission official micro-Bo said the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau on the 20th Bulletin, Hebei new hair with H7N9 bird flu cases, patients in the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital in critical condition. Langfang City 21 briefing, the place comprehensive market trading of live poultry detected H7N9.
Today, the Chinese Center for Disease Control Health Emergency Center Director Feng Zijian said that the current situation has not found the virus mutates, the new hair to be taken to limit the cross-regional flow of poultry and other measures.

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