Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#H7N9 China Hebei Agri. sector starts animal influenza surveillance

Translation out of China:

Binhai New China News Network today (July 22) morning, the Provincial Agriculture Office of avian influenza thematic deployment, start the animal H7N9 avian influenza surveillance work.   It is understood, Langfang found one case of human infection with H7N9 influenza cases, the provincial agricultural department attaches great importance to the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the arrangements and requirements to communicate quickly with the health sector, in a timely manner to send personnel to investigate the situation of Langfang. According to the arrangements, the agricultural sector in our province to carry out immediately poultry farms, market-based epidemic big investigation, investigation and monitoring for unusual circumstances found immediately to the Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau report, in accordance with procedures disposition; immediately start animal H7N9 avian influenza emergency monitoring work to live poultry market, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, focusing on strengthening comprehensive chickens, waterfowl, captive pigeons, quail, wild bird monitoring work; strengthen emergency response, from July 21 around since the implementation of animal H7N9 avian influenza day reporting system; strengthen coordination with health departments. Learn more about the patient's epidemiological situation, timely communication of progress, the implementation of information sharing. Quickly turn off the relevant market and in vivo live poultry bird business market, and jointly improve prevention and control work; sent experts to guide the implementation of the various Langfang response measures.   Currently, the provincial animal disease prevention and control center located in Langfang City, two in live poultry markets were collected 30 samples for H7N9 avian influenza pathogen detection, the results were negative. Langfang City residence for patients and their recent activity surrounding area all poultry farms within the region-by-farm households door to door investigation of the investigation two townships seven poultry farms (households) 42,197 poultry, no abnormality was found.Correspondent Lv Jiaxing reporter Xu Weibing


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