Monday, July 22, 2013

#H7N9 China: Langfang Starts Public Health Emergency 4 Response

July 22, 2013
Translation out of China

  Langfang City, Hebei to Beijing for treatment received one case of human infection of H7N9 patients were diagnosed with confirmed cases of avian influenza outbreaks reported, quickly launched a public health emergency four emergency response. This afternoon, Langfang Municipal Health Bureau held a press conference to inform the public of H7N9 bird flu prevention and control of the situation.
  The municipal government has set up headed by the principal leaders of the prevention and control work leading group member departments in accordance with the division of responsibilities, to implement appropriate measures.
  For close contact tracing investigation. The epidemiological investigation identified a total of 30 close contacts, including 26 in Langfang Management, Beijing Management 4. At present, except in close contact Langfang two deaths due to advanced cancer, the remaining 28 close contacts of all required medical observation seven days, at present no exception.
  Implement zero reported daily system. City medical institutions above the two day before at 9:00 pm the day before the admissions of severe pneumonia cases and cases of unexplained pneumonia cases; report the case of close contacts under medical observation.
  Samples were collected to carry out laboratory testing. As at 0:00 on July 21, close contacts were detected in swabs and comprehensive market trading point of live poultry manure and sewage endures Environmental Specimen 53, in addition to a fair share environmental samples (poultry trade stalls sewage) positive test results, the all the rest were negative.
  Home visits to patients and medical institutions to carry out hygiene and disinfection treatment.
  Next to the city will further strengthen joint prevention and control mechanism, in accordance with the division of responsibilities of various departments to implement prevention and control measures; closed city live poultry markets; further strengthening of close contacts under medical observation, abnormal, immediately dispose of; right now all hospitalized severe pneumonia, unexplained pneumonia cases for all sampling and testing; further strengthen the clinical staff training; further improve the prevention and control knowledge propaganda. (Reporter correspondent Liu Zhan-steady, Zhou Jie)

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