Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#H7N9 China Victim & Surveillance Update: 2 Close Contacts Released from Medical Observation

Translation out of China

In response to H7N9, Langfang City area all 12 live poultry slaughter market have been closed.

The two confirmed cases of close contacts under medical observation for seven days, yesterday released medical observation.

Treated patients in Beijing yesterday, no significant changes in the condition is still very critical.

Currently, not yet found infected with H7N9 avian bird flu situation.

Two cases of close contacts discharged medical observation

After the outbreak, Langfang implement zero for the epidemic reporting system daily newspaper.

While requiring daily reports of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza in close contacts of the very fact of observation conditions.

Reporter yesterday from the Langfang Municipal Health Bureau, the first two close contacts under medical observation full seven days (from the last calculation in contact with Miss Zhang), has been released under medical observation, you can work and live normally.
Close contact with the rest of health monitoring well, the temperature is normal, not fever, cough and other flu-like illness symptoms.

Langfang Municipal Health Bureau will further strengthen the close contacts under medical observation, abnormal, and immediately disposed of.

No significant changes were still very critical

Yesterday, the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, news release, people infected with H7N9 avian influenza (severe cases) the very fact that yesterday's disease patients with no significant change, remains extremely critical.

Compared with the 22nd, in addition to viral pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute renal failure, disseminated intravascular coagulation, the patients have also had hypoalbuminemia, septic shock, and removal of the gallbladder.

Treatment, anti-infective therapy have not been adjusted, hospitals continue to strengthen the anti-infection, enhance immunity and other targeted therapies.

Meanwhile, the close monitoring of circulation, gastrointestinal and other important organs, continue to protect the gastric mucosa treatment.

Been found infected with H7N9 bird

Reporters learned yesterday from the Health Department of Hebei Province, as of now, all 12 Langfang City area of ​​live poultry slaughter market all closed, and has completed hygiene and disinfection treatment.

Provincial Forestry Department, as of now, the province was not found infected with H7N9 avian bird flu epidemic.

Provincial Forestry Department, Wildlife Conservation station Zhang said most of the migratory birds in the province currently has basically ended, only a small part of the summer breeding birds stay in the province.

In accordance with the Provincial Forestry Department urged all localities to strengthen the wetlands, reservoirs, parks, nature reserves and bird market, zoos and other wildlife domestication and breeding places of monitoring and inspections.

Provincial Forestry Department in coordination with the Health Department of the eight national wild animal epidemic sources and disease monitoring stations for deployment, the current sampling task has been completed, is being detected.

Zhang warned that the public should stay away from wild animals, do not pick up, do not touch dead wild animals, abnormal timely report to the local forestry department.


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