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#H7N9 China: Langfang live poultry H7N9 patients sicker trading closed

[The patient's onset, as reported by the China National Health and Family Planning Commission, was on July 10th.   The first time this patient was given antivirals, was on the admission to the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, on July 18th.  At that point, they went straight to the ECMO therapy (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation).  Out of 53 specimen's of poultry at the market, 1 was positive....  So somehow this woman, got infected.  I still can not find a statement that she bought poultry.]

July 22, 2013

In terms of treatment, the hospital took a doctor specialized tertiary care, that is, the patient's doctors and nurses are devoted to her treatment, no contact with other patients. In the prevention of nosocomial infections, hospitals have taken the necessary precautions: Patients living in single room negative pressure rooms, the medical staff wards need to follow required to wear gowns, masks, suction for patients to wear goggles when medical personnel.  Tong Zhaohui said that patients admitted to hospital, has been taking antiviral drugs for the first time, according to the needs and conditions, as patients were intubated with a ventilator therapy; as the disease progresses, they used ECMO ( In vitro oxygenation technology), which is "artificial lung."  

Langfang city live poultry trading close     Langfang City, held yesterday H7N9 avian influenza press briefings, briefed the meeting, the local epidemic prevention departments in the patient frequented Anci District Maiwa comprehensive farmers market found positive for H7N9 virus samples derived from the market poultry trading stalls in the sewage.     Langfang Municipal Health Bureau Party Committee member Chengyu Qiu said that as at 0:00 on July 21, were detected in close contact with the H7N9 patient swabs, integrated market trading of live poultry manure and sewage extrinsic environmental point of 53 specimens, except one Environmental samples tested positive, the rest were negative. According to reports, Langfang City is taking stringent measures to control the epidemic prevention and control development. Currently, Langfang City, has integrated market in the layout of the city's farmers live poultry trading disinfection, prevention and control measures such as closed.  

Further strengthen the close contacts under medical observation, abnormal immediately disposed of; right now all hospitalized cases of severe pneumonia, unexplained pneumonia cases for all sampling and testing; further improve the prevention and control knowledge propaganda, let people know that people infected with H7N9 avian influenza can be prevented controllable and curable. 

 Site health care and patients have different entrances     yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Chaoyang Hospital ward building 13 stories outside the ICU ward. I saw this door guarded, according to the staff, the disease area prescribe independent of each other entrances. Staff will go out of individual channels. In another patient entrance, there is a security guard. According to the hospital CLC, because ICU is not installed cameras and video facilities, it can not be like that Ditan Hospital had two patients, as seen through the video ward situation.  

Dialogue, Chaoyang Hospital summer emergence of cases pending Reason     Reporter: Some experts have said before with the summer heat will reduce cases of bird flu will be away from us, why now reappeared again?    Chaoyang Hospital, Tong Zhaohui: the first few months the South has just appeared H7N9 bird flu, we discussed that the cases are emerging, and the limited number of cases, when the onset of its epidemiology that law is not particularly clear epidemic season . According to the traditional flu, often colder in the winter season epidemic. But now summer is one case, so its epidemiological characteristics also need to further explore, because the sample of cases is still small.     Reporter: From the discovery of the first case of H7N9 bird flu has now been a few months, as of now there is no virus mutation?     Tong Zhaohui: Because it just through the Municipal Center for Disease Control confirmed cases of viral nucleic acid testing were positive.  As to whether the DNA laboratory variability has yet to Southern case series and had done a comparison to draw conclusions. Relevant departments will do the job.     Reporter: Which of these cases have taken a targeted treatment     plan?     Tong Zhaohui: The first time we used the antiviral admitted to hospital after the Oscar it to spend a dimension, and had endotracheal intubation, ventilator therapy, including blood filtration and some relatively strong means of support are on the .     Reporter: In the briefing mentioned in contact with patients who strictly do isolation protection and health care, and now there were contacts do?     Tong Zhaohui: contact with the patient who refers the patient's family, the patient is not in contact with other patients.

 Interrupted · City CDC     H7N9 flu in the city a low incidence of     Beijing CDC deputy director Pang Spark said, and like other influenza viruses, because H7N9 virus in the external environment is not completely eliminated, resulting in sporadic cases is normal, people do not panic, and the city is currently at a low incidence of influenza virus does not appear large concentration of cases happen, as the high incidence of winter when the seasonal flu, H7N9 virus incidence will show what features the city CDC sector will be closely watched, and seasonal influenza viruses do not rule out coincidence happen.     According to the city's disease control monitoring, H7N9 avian influenza virus has not yet mutated in evidence, but the Shanghai family cases occur perspective, is still limited human-human transmission, which does not have the SARS virus spread like a potent force.  

And Hebei to establish joint prevention and control mechanism     Pang Spark said that Beijing and Hebei have established good cooperative relations joint prevention and control. This time, the Chaoyang Hospital, the cases were H7N9 virus detection after diagnosis, Beijing disease control departments quickly epidemiological findings and disease and other health departments of Hebei informed by the local health and agriculture sectors such linkage, the patient had traveled to the farm live poultry market testing, looking at the relevant close contacts and territories under medical quarantine, meanwhile, Hebei will also initiatives taken timely feedback to Beijing.  

No adjustments prevention initiatives planned     Pang Spark said that at present, the city of the three hospitals are equipped with screening, treatment H7N9 virus infection ability, so in the future again when relevant cases, not necessarily go to the altar and woo On two infectious disease hospitals, selectable in situ treatment."The hospital's role is very important juncture, all hospitals should improve the detection of H7N9 patients suspected of vigilance."     Since late May this year, people infected with H7N9 avian influenza virus epidemic stable, the city has been incorporated into the scope of routine monitoring of influenza-like illness, and to continue to strengthen agriculture, landscaping and other departments of communication, increase monitoring efforts, strengthen epidemic judged, no plans to adjust prevention initiatives. 

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