Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poll finds majorities in 22 nations concerned over MERS


Majorities of respondents in 22 of 24 nations are concerned that cases of Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) might be detected in their country soon, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 15 developed countries and 9 developing nations released today, Ipsos said in a news release.

In the developed nations, 39% of respondents said they are aware of MERS, while in the developing countries 49% are aware. Awareness among the developed nations is highest in France (59%), Sweden (51%), and Italy (49%) and lowest in Australia (20%), Spain (26%), and Hungary (28%). In the nine developing countries, awareness is highest in China (67%), India (63%), and Saudi Arabia (62%)—home to most of the world's 90 confirmed MERS cases—and lowest in South Africa (35%), Mexico (35%), and Brazil (35%).

When it comes to the chance of MERS cases in their country "in the near future," 59% total (and 65% of those aware) in the developed nations and 70% total (and 78% of those aware) in the developing countries expressed concern.


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