Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#H7N7 Italy - Third case of human infection. To date six outbreaks in Emilia-Romagna

September 11, 2013
Excerpt - Translation

Third case of human infection of avian influenza in Emilia-Romagna. The confirmation came yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 10 September, the Institute of Health. It is an operator - dependent of the cooperative engaged in felling operations - which had tested positive for the tests performed at St. Orsola in Bologna.
Again, like the previous two, the worker was subjected to isolation at home and were supplied hygienic to follow and is in active surveillance until clinical recovery. Until now, there are three cases occurred and relate to workers.
For 59 workers exposed in the first 4 farms , prior to detection of outbreaks has ended health surveillance . Aworker of the fifth outbreak (the brooding of Mordano ) is now in active surveillance by public health professionals, as well as family members of 6 cases or suspected . They are also in active monitoring 10 people for the outbreak of rural Bondeno (Ferrara).
For all other workers involved (about 300) - however busy with various tasks and duration in the monitoring of outbreaks - there is a specific health surveillance 
The Regional Director for Health Policies, Carlo Lusenti made ​​the point - during the session of the Legislative Assembly of September 10 - the epidemic of bird flu that has affected several farms in Emilia-Romagna.

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