Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Estimate 10 Suspected in Hospital & Death of Nurse

Amid the silence of administration .. Sources for "economic


Deaths and 10 injuries uncertain 'Corona' in a hospital in Riyadh

September 11, 2013

Confirmed for "economic" informed sources record the number of HIV infections in the city of Corona military medical Prince Sultan in the capital Riyadh, an estimated ten cases. 
The sources said that among the injured doctor esoteric Saudis, a recent graduate, enter the intensive care unit at the hospital, although there are a number of cases still is among the suspected cases, in addition to recording the event of the death of a nurse from the Philippine citizenship.
This comes amid silence by officials of the hospital, where he contacted the "economic" a number of them to clarify the matter, but attempts met with no reply or an apology and promise to issue a statement demonstration during the coming period, without setting a specific date.
The sources pointed out that there are a number of actions taken by the management of the hospital to prevent the transmission of infection among inpatients and employees of the hospital and dismissal, noting that there are medically استنفارا and meetings between the leaders until the preparation of the news.
She explained that the spread of the news of the existence of injuries among the employees of the hospital sparked panic many of the reviewers, which led to their absence from attending appointments during the past two days.
This comes amid Declaration and the Ministry of Health in a number of deaths virus Corona, within the work of continuous monitoring and investigation carried out by the ministry for the virus Corona new virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory MERS-COV, as announced in a statement yesterday, for the registration of four new cases of the virus, the first a citizen in Medina at the age of 22 years, Mkhalta to certain infected with the virus, and did not showing Oaradalmred.
The second is a citizen at the age of 24 years, working in the health sector in Medina, too, as well as not showing any symptoms, and the third case of a citizen at the age of 60 years in Riyadh, Mkhalta case-infected uncertain, did not show symptoms of the disease as well, and was The fourth case of a 70-year-old citizen also in Riyadh, mixer case of infected uncertain, and his condition is stable.
It was a few days ago announced record two deaths virus, the first of a resident in the area of ​​Medina at the age of 56 years, and works in the health sector, and the second of a citizen in the area of ​​Riyadh at the age of 53 years suffering from chronic diseases, multiple, also announced record two cases the first citizen of the 18-year-old, and the other for three-year-old girl, and attributed the to مخالطتهما the cause of confirmed cases in the Batin area, pointing out that he did not show them any symptoms and in good health condition.
Thus an infected cases at the level of Saudi Arabia since the emergence of the disease hundred cases, of whom 47 died, according to the website of the Ministry of Health.
According to the outcome of the recent World Health Organization issued on 30 August, the death of 50 people out of 108 confirmed cases in the world, from HIV Corona, which leads to respiratory problems and renal insufficiency fast, and Saudi Arabia is the country most affected by it - according to the "French" .
The new virus, which belongs defined by the World Health Organization as "the Middle East respiratory syndrome," "Mirs" to the viruses that faction led to the severe acute respiratory syndrome "SARS", which led to the deaths of about 800 people around the world in 2003.

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