Sunday, September 8, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus KSA: Al-Batin - 3 deaths in the month and all of them from one family

[So the "Cousin" also died.  The "Cousin" of the 38(M) (Index Case).  Who is that "Cousin"???]

September 8, 2013
Translation (and hard to follow...)

"Corona" province Batin , which is a citizen Erbaana was منوما Armed Forces Hospital northern region, where the wounded with the virus after his move by infection of his cousin who died more than two weeks at King Khaled in Hafr Al-Batin . 

According to sources, "above" the mother undergo a medical examination, which rooms insulation Armed Forces Hospital for more than a month, despite the negative laboratory tests conducted it, and suffer symptoms of the virus and narrow breathing. 
This is a case of third death during the month from the same family. "Al-ever" that the Director of the School district of Sulaymaniyah asked one of the parameters relatives of people with the deceased non-permanence, and bring health report proves they are free of the virus, at the time rejected the Ministry of Health, represented by the health center of Sulaymaniyah, disclosed or transferred to a hospital King Khaled; making it stand confused between the Department of Education and Health Affairs- Batin . 

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