Thursday, September 12, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia City Adm. Statement Denies Spread in Military Hospital

Riyadh, Saudi United (CNN) - issued a "city of Prince Sultan Military Medical" in Saudi Arabia, a statement denied that the virus Corona has spread in deferred from the emergency department where, also denied the death of a nurse Saudi Arabia due to infection, but confirmed that five people inside who "had contact" cases have already greeted the city.
The city administration said in a statement: "What to ask about this topic is not based on true scientific reference as accurate as it is properly the death of a Saudi nurse or her." She added that "fact" is in front of the city medical cases of HIV infection moved them from outside the city medical and had been dealt with "by preventive measures."
He said the city administration in a statement: "She died one of those cases had already been announced and died another case, the presence of a companion virus disease led to her death."
However, the city continued to say that it deliberately, according to the directives of the World Health Organization and the instructions of the Ministry of Health to conduct a survey and detection of Mkhaltin of cases of practitioners, health workers and patients numbered nearly 300 people, was the discovery of five cases, were also receiving two additional headquarters of residence, have no relationship Previous cases in the city.
 She said the Medical City in a statement that most of those "in the improvement in symptoms and receive medical care," but pointed out that they received during the past year 15 cases died four of them, whereas converged five cases of healing, and the remaining six cases under medical care, and concluded by stressing that the situation the city's public "very reassuring and there is nothing to worry about."
It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has seen since the start of the spread of the virus, which infects the respiratory tract and the death of 43 cases due to the injury, noting that the Kingdom accounts for more than eighty percent of the cases detected, no precise information on the spread of the virus around the world due to the difficulty in determining the number of persons who have been cases of medium infection, or they do not have signs of the disease despite the injury.
It is noteworthy that the "City of Prince Sultan Military Medical" Riyadh-based and includes three military hospitals where more than 900 beds and generalized more than seven thousand people of different nationalities, and also many of the clinics and hospital departments.

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