Sunday, September 8, 2013

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Some reflections on the confirmed cases in regards to Qatar and Medina.

We don't have many.  We have a case in Qatar, announced on August 21st.  The onset was August 15th.  That person (59M) has recovered.
That person also traveled to Medina, KSA.
From the WHO Update of Aug. 29th:
Preliminary epidemiological investigations reveal that the patient travelled to Medina, Saudi Arabia for 6 days and returned to Qatar on 15 August 2013. He did not take part in Umrah and did not visit to Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina. Further investigation is on-going.

Shortly after that, on August 26th,  we receive information of a 29yo out of Qatar.  I can only speculate that the case is a contact of the above.  Again, from the WHO Update of Aug. 29:

The second patient is a 29-year-old man with an underlying medical condition who had no history of recent travel outside the country.

The 29yo died on 9/6.

On September 4, we have a 3rd case in Qatar.
A 56(F), with the onset of August 18th.  Admitted on August 23.  Died on August 31st.  
The onset date was 3 days after the 1st Qatar case arrived back Qatar  from....Medina.

Here comes Medina.  2 days after the announcement of the 29 year old in Qatar, we receive information of a confirmed case in Medina.  The first, in my records.  This person was in the Medina Hospital ICU, but was suffering from chronic kidney failure and had undergone treatment at King Khaled Hospital.  On August 30, it was included in a WHO Update.  There is no information that this person was a contact case.
Aug. 28:  55(M), From Medina, Medina Province.    DOD: 8/31

Fast forward to September 6th.  Announcement of a confirmed case in Medina.
A Doctor who worked in the ICU of a hospital in Hinakiyah Medina.  He was transferred and died at the King Fahd Hospital. 
Sept. 6:  67(M), From Medina, DOD:  9/5

Since then, in quick succession, we have received information on September 7 and 8th.  Both are contact cases.

Sept. 7:  56, From Medina, DOD:  9/7 (Healthcare worker)
Sept. 8:  74, From Medina, DOD:  9/8 (contact case)

To recap:
Since August 15th (onset of 1st Qatari) until September 8th (Today)

Total Cases:  7
Total Deaths:  6


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