Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus KSA: Sources: 10 new infections "Corona" HIV deaths in Riyadh

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9/11/13 - Translation/Excerpt

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  informed sources record the number of infections Coruna in the city of Prince Sultan Military Medical in the capital Riyadh, an estimated ten cases.Sources said the "economic", said that among the injured doctor esoteric Saudi recent graduate Enter intensive care in the hospital, although there a number of cases still is among the suspected cases, in addition to record the status of the death of a nurse from sexual Filipino. comes amid silence by officials of the hospital, where I called the "economic" a number of them to clarify the matter, but attempts met with no response or apology and a promise to issue a statement demonstration during the coming period, without specifying a specific date. The sources pointed out that there are a number of actions taken by the management of the hospital to prevent the transmission of infection among inpatients and staff of the hospital and dismissal, noting that there استنفارا medically and meetings between the leaders until the preparation of the news. explained that the spread of the news of the existence of injuries between employees of the hospital raised the panic many of the reviewers, which led to their absence from attending appointments during the past two days. comes amid Declaration and Ministry of Health number of deaths virus Corona, within the work of continuous monitoring 


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