Sunday, September 8, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Batin Spokesman Denies Rumors Amidst Panic at King Khaled Hospital Staff

September 7, 2013

The spokesman denied media Batin health Abdulaziz Al-Anzi (areas) message that circulated Amordon In Alwatsab about injuries and deaths amid nurses and auditors Corona disease.

He pointed out that what is floating around this regard is no truth to him, which revolves around the "alert and panic among the staff of King Khaled Hospital drilling subcontractor after injuring three nurses Pkorona and the death of one of them, and injuring seven nurses and put them intensive care, and three deaths yesterday of auditors to the hospital and Mkhaltin for patients, as well as very discreetly from the Director of Health Affairs and took staff vowed not to talk about the topic completely in any media or social "and signed the letter B (nurse and manager at King Khaled drilling subcontractor and early events).

The spokesman stressed in his speech for the media "areas" that these baseless news can not hide such news, calling on citizens and residents took the news of the approved sources and not listen to rumors fired by some psychopaths. For their part, demanded a number of citizens need to monitor troublemakers these rumors and legally accountable.

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