Monday, September 9, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus KSA - High Casualties Corona 97 Cases 47 Deaths

Called doctors specialists need to concern members of the community to take precautionary measures and adherence to guidelines preventive prevent exposure to infected «Corona» coronary After disclosed the Ministry of Health that the number of infected Pkorona reached 96 wounded, died of whom 47 cases since the discovery of the disease in September 1433 AH. 
The doctors confirmed that the prevention of occupational exposure to HIV Corona is the 3-axis is the patient and close contacts, and the responsibility of doctors, and health system. 
They stressed the need for zero tolerance with any symptoms that may appear when anyone begins the flu and develop into acute inflammation of the respiratory tract. 
3 axes 
Dr. Ashraf Amir consultant family medicine and medical director of the IMC in Jeddah believes that the prevention of HIV Corona represented in 3 axes: first patient Almkhalton him, where they must realize that the disease Coruna serious diseases that must be handled with extreme caution because any direct contact between the patient and contacts him without taking preventive measures and precautionary displays healthy to injury and therefore the inventory problem in the context of limited contributes to the lack of transmission of the disease to members of the community, while the second axis is the physician who diagnosed the patient's condition, then he has that corresponds cases knowingly and awareness of the major through accuracy in the diagnosis and thus communicate with health authorities to report on the situation to take all precautionary measures and handle health with all the contacts of the situation within the family, while the third axis relates to the system of health in the sense concerted efforts among all stakeholders of health and non-health to educate members of the community, the responsibility awareness of the disease do not fall Only the Ministry of Health, but the private sector hospitals and health centers, education, demanding to educate members of the community through the definition of the disease and how to prevent infection and ways. 
Dr. Amir called to take care in gathering places and wash your hands with soap and water and sterilize medical gel hands If you can wash your hands all of these things enough to prevent transmission of the virus from one person to another in addition to wear masks and change it periodically. 
Corona vaccine 
On the possibility of finding a cure for Corona coronary revealed advisory viruses and faculty member at the University of Thebes Dr inspiration Talaat Kattan, there is no date, no vaccine is protective of the disease, but with the development of science molecular and modern techniques may be possible in the future to be able to manufacture virus «Corona» experimentally and thus the possibility of producing vaccines or vaccines give immunity against injury Balvyrus, as is the case with the experiments that are under way on the development of a vaccine for viral hepatitis (C). 
It showed that all viruses have the ability to pivoting or mutation and mobility between different species within the same family which gives the ability lethal to kill the victim if he enjoyed immunity is weak, so it is useful to get an idea of ​​other breeds of Corona that infect animals, where we were in the past, we believe Pt_khassah virus but with the emergence of new situations and change breeds this phenomenon began to taper off gradually to become a virus of animal and human have the ability to unite to form new strains deadlier and wounding of breeds illiteracy as is the case in the influenza viruses that we see multiple and posed recently. 
She d. Kattan that prevention is by isolating the infected and non-friction it, and wear the mask for the prevention of leakage of the virus through the air to the body, and keep away from moisture and ventilate the house and warm it up well, wear protective masks and a lot of fluids and juices that contain vitamin C. 
Avoid congestion 
In a related context stressed consultant Ophthalmology Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in King Fahd General in Jeddah Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Zahran, on prevention, indicating that compliance with the requirements of preventive reduces the chances of exposure to the disease, indicating that, unfortunately, there are some individuals يستهترون aspects of preventive, for example, we find In seasonal flu (regular) that a large proportion do not use napkins when you sneeze or washing your hands if you use it when you sneeze and thus transmitting the disease to healthy via a handshake or peace on the cheeks. 
He pointed out that a person infected with the flu easily due to the presence of several strains of the virus, so prevention is necessary to avoid injury, especially given that some people with weak immune systems are affected by the disease more complications.

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