Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#H7N9 Chinese Tourist from Jiangsu Province to Taiwan Confirmed

The last day of 2013, the country imported cases appear second case of H7N9. Case of 85-year-old mainland Chinese man recently went to visit Taiwan, loss of appetite, chest symptoms seek medical treatment, check for pneumonia, ventilator, Central Epidemic Command Center last night was diagnosed with H7N9.
Epidemic center, said the mainland tourists are "atypical symptoms", no fever, cough;, and the same group of passengers and daughter are asymptomatic, infectious judged not high, people need not panic. Department of Disease Control, Area Control Center keeps track of the situation with the relevant contact man with round-person group.
Following the first since April last year, the country imported H7N9 appears Taiwanese cases; these mainland tourists from Jiangsu Province, is the second from the case.
Currently epidemic center in Jiangsu Province has increased tourism activity levels for the second level "warning", including Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces also have confirmed cases of H7N9, appealed to the local people do not live bird markets, poultry or eating raw meat category.
World Health Organization, H7N9 is currently limited to "the limitations of human transmission stage." Epidemic center, said commander Zhang Fengyi, H7N9 flu outbreak so far, only five cases of human to human transmission limitations cases.
Although imported from mainland tourists in this country went to Taipei, Taoyuan, Nantou Tou, eluanbi Pingtung, Hualien Taroko so many tourist attractions, is still in a hospital in the northern part of the treatment in the intensive care unit, but was its first test weakly positive, low viral load.
Due to the frequent cross-strait exchanges, enhance Taiwan's epidemic level is? Zhang Fengyi said that if the virus mutated to human transmission stage, quarantine and epidemic prevention policy will be updated.
Director of Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital, National Taiwan University, said Li-Min Huang, mainland epidemic widespread than imagined, he judged the entire south of the Yangtze River has a virus exists, calling the people must be vigilant.
[2014/01/01 United Daily News]


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