Friday, January 3, 2014

#MERS #Coronavirus United Arab Emirates (UAE) Reports 2nd Contact Case to 68(M)

The WHO has just reported a 2nd contact case, to the Index Case of the 68(M) in the UAE.  Below are my list notes.  Incubation period looks to be approx. 5-10 days.

Name:  68(M) Husband
From:  Sharjah, UAE
Onset:  12/13
Adm:  12/14 for Joint replacement (syms cough)
Adm:  12/16 transferred to ICU
Note:  Co-morbidities.  No recent travel/or contact with animals.  No contact w/confirmed case.
DOD:  12/22/13

Name:  59(F) Contact Case
From:  Sharjah, UAE
Adm:  Yes Isolation.
Note:  Wife of 68(M) [12/20] above.  Asymptomatic.  No contact w/animals or confirmed case.  No travel history.

Name:  33(M) Contact Case
From:  Dubai
Onset:  12/27
Adm:  12/28 ICU, stable
Sym’s on Adm:  bilateral pneumonia, acute renal failure and thrombocytopenia.  Co-morbidities.
Confirmed:  12/29/13
Notes:  Healthcare worker of 68(M) above.
2nd contact case to index case.
Total Global Cases:  177  Deaths:  74

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