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China Guangzhou Zengcheng goose cage #H7N9 virus detected in 3 parts

January 5, 2013 Translation Since last winter, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Yangjiang and other surrounding cities, emerging human infection of bird flu H 7N 9, traced and found that many patients have had contact with poultry meat market. Last night, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou Hing Fat Meat Market detected three H 7N 9 positive specimens matter, the provincial CDC review yesterday, found after testing positive for the conclusion to determine the market found two geese cage.   Yesterday afternoon, the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau held a press briefing, the current employees in the poultry market 17 No suspicious symptoms, the market Zuoqi closed for three days. This is the second year in May in Zengcheng Licheng R & Meat Market found a case of the chicken samples tested positive H 7N 9 positive for avian flu virus, the Guangzhou City, the second H 7N 9 found traces of the virus.   Source: Source is tracking birds   According to the Guangzhou Municipal CDC deputy director Yang Zhicong introduced three positive samples from December 31 last year, Zengcheng Hing Fat Meat Market on daily monitoring sampling, detection from two goose cage. "External environment detection H 7N 9 virus, indicating that the environment herds infected birds may have."   CDC reported the day before yesterday in the evening will be concluded government, local government and the Guangzhou Zengcheng City of Industry, agriculture, health sector and make the appropriate action immediately. Yesterday afternoon, the Guangzhou municipal government held a human infection with avian influenza H 7N 9 meeting, Vice Mayor Jane tribute child prevention and control layout of the city. Yang Zhicong expressed by the city on the 3rd night, the market began a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and decided to rest for three days. While nine poultry stalls in the market, 17 birds inventoried all employees required to undergo medical observation for seven days. Currently they are in good health, yet suspicious symptoms. "Having been notified by the city, the population of the birds have already done a harmless treatment."   At present, the business sector is tracking market poultry sources. Once the source, the CDC will conduct appropriate testing with the agricultural sector.   Prevention: hospitals are paid in full "Tamiflu"   In April last year so far, a total of Guangzhou environmental samples collected nearly 7,000 copies, except by the city last May, in January this year found that positive environmental samples, the environmental monitoring of the remaining area of ​​Guangzhou, the city showed negative. "Similar environmental testing point in the city's 12 districts, county-level cities have set up, including wholesale meat market, bird habitat, the number of weekly monitoring is around 200." Yang Zhicong said, "At present, Guangzhou The Government has implemented strict management of the meat market, while clearly a cleanup day, a week, disinfect, January 1 closed system in December last year, has been the winter solstice, respectively, before and after New Year's Day has been closed. before the Spring Festival, Guangzhou will be a meat market closed. "   Before yesterday two days, CDC staff have begun to send reminders to Zengcheng local medical institutions, requiring the recent cases of pneumonia and influenza-like illness alert, immediately suspected cases to sample testing. Municipal Health Bureau, the CDC also specifically all medical institutions in the city for training, put plenty of "Tamiflu" sent to all designated hospital. "Each designated hospital drugs is very adequate reserves, in addition to Guangzhou, as well as backing store."   Yang Zhicong said that Guangzhou has been strengthening unexplained pneumonia, influenza-like illness H 7N 9 testing. Conclusions show that Guangzhou yet found cases of human infection with H 7N 9. But again after detection of positive environmental samples, suggesting that the risk of avian flu 7N 9 H-human infection has increased.   Site: Hing Fat live poultry market stalls closed 3 days   Hing Fat Market located in the city center of the city, seat of city government Licheng, near Summer Street, Avenue, is a medium-sized comprehensive Meat Market.   16:30 yesterday, the reporter saw, focusing on the market side of the nine gross chicken stalls are empty, the announcement posted on the wall display, chicken stalls will be closed for disinfection hair three days. Sales records from the market point of view, the market in addition to selling chickens, ducks, geese, but also the sale of pigeons, average daily sales of about 300 birds.   9 Mao chicken stalls specifications consistent visual area of ​​less than 10 square meters each, the wall has four layers cages emptied, washed, outside the basin, cabinets, wash clothes, etc., are still processing equipment, ceramic tile floor with flushing traces, sometimes not wash away the feathers. Went live poultry stalls can smell the odor and taste of disinfectant. Stalls exterior wall stickers "cleaning, disinfection, closed record" show yesterday, 10:00, 15:00, the market has been cleaned and disinfected twice, after a few days there decontamination, the fundamental frequency is once a day.   Mao chicken stalls surrounding walls close to the more than A 4 paper announcement, the words "in order to strengthen the prevention and control of avian influenza, chicken stalls in the market hair thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, scheduled for January 2014, three days 4,5,6 Collective closed disinfection. "   Other meat stalls in the market are in normal business. A stall confirmed to reporters the day before Mao chicken stalls there are people management, people did yesterday.   Several blocks away at Fu Peng Meat Market, the reporter saw the larger market of live poultry stalls, some stalls still normal business. Continued:

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