Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#H7N9 Taiwan 3 Med Staff Contacts of Confirmed on Tamiflu

January 1, 2014
Mainland tourists travel to Taiwan island, has been found infected with H7N9 virus.  Because multiple patients visited the well-known tourist attractions, Disease Control Department today (1), said that after a full day of track, the current master nine contacts with respiratory symptoms, three of whom are in close contact, and therefore has prophylactic dosing; lower risk another six people still listed track list.
Chinese mainland tourists travel to Taiwan, but diagnosed cases of H7N9 infection.Disease tracking the Agency found that the passenger since December 17 last year after the entry of Taiwan, the Taiwan tourism during the eight days, visited Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien seven counties famous tourist attractions, fears spread of the disease, the Agency launched an emergency disease outbreak investigation.
After tracing the 1st of illness the Agency this evening said that the current master 149 close contacts, including with the group tour guides, drivers and visits hospital staff, including three medical staff because of upper respiratory tract symptoms, has taken delivery inspection experience and give Tamiflu prophylaxis, requiring independent health management 14 days; another master 499 general contact, six of whom have appeared on respiratory symptoms, because the risk of infection is very low, and therefore not given administration, but still included track list.
Deputy Director of the Agency Zhou Zhihao illness, said: "(acoustic) regarding H7N9 bird flu confirmed cases of contact for Disease Control Department and Health Department after a day of track, a total of 648 contacts, of which there are three, after evaluation, We give Tamiflu drug, there is no need to give another six dosing, as long as the disease can be tracked. "
Zhou Zhihao said the Lunar New Year approaching, many Taiwanese businessmen will return to Taiwan to Chinese New Year, the disease also requires the Agency to Taiwan MAC advocacy, access to the mainland to avoid live bird markets; such as fever or flu-like when you return to Taiwan symptoms, seek medical advice as soon as possible to wear a mask, and inform airline personnel and airport quarantine known port personnel.

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