Monday, December 30, 2013

Hong Kong Health Department: Case of #H9N2 Guangdong Province, Shenzhen

December 30, 2013
 Health Department today (December 30) afternoon received notification of the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong case of human infection with influenza A H9N2 appears influenza cases.
Under the notification, the case of 86-year-old man, living in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Luohu; 28, chills, cough and sputum, Hong Kong via Lo Wu Control Point to the hospital for treatment, isolation ward is now receiving treatment in a stable condition. After testing samples from patients, diagnosed in 30 people infected with influenza A H9N2 influenza.
Influenza viruses are divided into A (A), B (B), propylene (C) three types, can cause a worldwide influenza pandemic, it is particularly important; B is generally only cause local epidemics, hepatitis C is generally only cause sporadic disease eg . With influenza A virus hemagglutinin surface (Hemagglutinin, abbreviated H) and neural aminotransferase enzyme (Neuraminidase, referred to as N) are two major antigens; hemagglutinin total of 1 to 16, a total of neuraminidase type 1 to 9 . Influenza virus and by different combinations of the same H N named as 2009 H1N1 pandemic and now H7N9, H10N8 and so on. Influenza is important that the H and N antigens change easily generate a new subtype; But human immunity to the new subtype is not high, so often caused by different levels of pandemic. When a new flu virus appears in the human, because humans have no resistance to stress, there may be a worldwide pandemic. Causes new type of influenza virus is the human influenza virus and nonhuman influenza viruses (such as avian influenza virus) gene recombination, or old subtype occur again, or animal influenza virus changed the host specificity and so on.
Health Bureau said that the weather becoming cooler, the influenza virus is likely to once again active. Health will continue to state health departments and health departments and neighboring regions, the World Health Organization to maintain close contact and closely monitoring the situation around, and through cross-sectoral and public-private cooperation in the health care system, to carry out the prevention and response.
For the prevention of influenza infection, health authorities urged the public to pay attention to the following matters:
 Avoid visiting, and have suffered outbreaks of human infection with avian influenza A regional markets, farms and other birds have a place to sell or display;
 Avoid contact with sick birds or other animals and their secretions, excretions; case of contact should wash their hands immediately;
 Do not eat undercooked poultry meat, offal, blood products and eggs;
 attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently;
 symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties, should wear a mask, a doctor as soon as possible, and to detail the history of travel and contact history animal doctor.
Information can be found in the Health Bureau website ( or call the Health Department infectious disease hotline (28700800).

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