Saturday, January 4, 2014

#H7N9 Shanghai Onset Date Update

[This is an article that states the 86yo went to a city hospital on December 30, with a cough and fever.  We already know he was admited into ICU on the 3rd January. This article also states that it was 2 weeks ago that they had contact with the poultry farm.]
January 5, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reporter Gu Yong) City Health and Family Planning Commission notified the evening of 3: H7N9 confirmed cases of avian influenza reported one case of human infection with the city. 86-year-old patient Zhou Moumou, last December 30 due to cough, fever to a city hospital for treatment, after treatment ineffective, rapid progression of the disease, in the 3rd H7N9 bird flu confirmed cases of human infection. According to doctors for treatment, the patient had traveled two weeks ago to come into contact with poultry farms, their families are currently under medical observation period, the disease symptoms have not yet appeared. Because the eldest high specification Zhou Moumou symptomatic treatment, the situation is still not optimistic, now transferred from the Department of Infectious Diseases Respiratory treated.  City Health and Family Planning Commission while briefing: According to state regulations, from November 1, 2013, the city has been included in people infected with H7N9 avian influenza B infectious management.   Lu, Shanghai Public Health Center Jieshao Respiratory director, the autumn season is a high incidence of respiratory disease season, the public should pay attention to improve their immune system, enhance personal hygiene. Now it seems that people infected with bird flu is still in sporadic signs appear between interpersonal communication nor the public need not worry too much. Author: Gu Yong 

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