Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus UAE Wife of recent 68yo confirmed case/fatality -- is also confirmed

Hat-tip @ironorehopper

On December 20th, I posted a story of a confirmed case out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAD). 

A new case of the Sars-like virus, that originated in the Middle East and has killed 75 people worldwide, has been confirmed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
The DHA said a 68-year-old Emirati patient was admitted to an unnamed hospital after showing symptoms of the new Corona virus Mers and was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit, state news agency Wam reported.  It said the man was also suffering from diabetes and chronic kidney failure.
In a report today out of the World Health Organzation (WHO), the wife of the above confirmed case has also contracted MERS.

On December 26, WHO has been informed of one new confirmed case of MERS CoV from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  In addition, UAE announced the death of the 68 year old male reported on 22 December 2013. 

The new case is a 59 year-old female from Sharjah, and is the wife of the 68 year old male reported on 22 December, 2013. She is reported to have no symptoms, no history of contact with animals and no travel history. She is currently in hospital under isolation. Other contacts have been screened and are negative for MERS-CoV.

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