Friday, January 24, 2014

**Correction** On #H7N9 Case List

I want to thank a fellow "tracker" from  Thru a comment here on this blog, they have helped me by correcting a case that I had put down as "discharged".   In error, I had the wrong case.
The two cases are related.  They are the Father and Daughter in Guangdong.  I mistakenly thought the Father had been discharged.  It was the Daughter.  I will correct my list.
I want to thank you Al Biological, I really appreciate your help.
The post in question is located here.
The cases in question are these.  The corrected info is shown below:

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  29(M) Panmou [contact case w/5 yo reported on 1/18]
From:  Baiyun District, Guangzhou City
Onset:  1/3, malaise, aches
1/4:  sym’s continue
1/5:  fever 41, treatment at nearest hospital
1/9:  fever, back pain, sore throat, to ER.  Samples taken.
Adm:  1/9 ICU  tamiflu
Note:  Father of 5 yo reported on 1/18.  Sha East market Vendor selling Bean Curd in Tianhe District.  39 Contacts, all neg.
Works 10 meters away from live poultry stall.

Date of Report:  1/18/14
Name:  5(F) Panmou [contact case with 29yo reported on 1/11]
From:  Baiyun District, Guangzhou City
Onset:  1/14
Adm:  Guangzhou, mild
Confirmed:  1/18/14
Note:  Daughter of 29 yo reported on 1/11.
Discharged:  1/23

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