Friday, January 24, 2014

#H7N9 Zhejiang Comments on Blossoming Cases

Today, we had 7 new cases added in Zhejiang.  One was in Paojiang.  Below is an excerpt on that area.  What is more interesting, is that the patient is 33 years old, and in critical condition.
Paojiang Industrial zone is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. It is only 200 kilometers from Shanghai and 20 kilometers from Xiaoshan International Airport. Basic infrastructure including water, electricity, gas, road, telecom, and sewage disposal all meets the demands of various kinds of investment projects.
In 2010,it was upgraded to a nation-level economic development zone with the approval of the State Council.

Another case reported today, is of a 23 year old in severe condition.

A few areas have blossomed in this Province.  Below is the case listing of those areas:

A.   –Shaoxing City
I.      Zhuji City  (34) (75) (53)
II.    Yuecheng District (69)
III.   Shaoxing Bridge (70) (62)
IV. Shaoxing City (66) (73)
V.   Paojiang (33)

A.    Ningbo City
I.      Yinzhou District  (30) (34) (55) (59) (44)

A.   Hangzhou (82)
I.      Binjiang District (29) (72) (61)
II.    Xiaoshan District (58) (20) (62) (54) (49) (53) (23)

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