Monday, January 20, 2014

Shanghai 2 New Cases - One is a medical staff due to infection #H7N9 death

[From reading this article I have a total of 2 new cases, one of which died]
  [Caixin] (Reporter Zhou Qun) Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission January 20 briefing, said the Shanghai New two cases H7N9 bird flu confirmed cases, two have died, one of whom medical personnel. In the afternoon, the Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Hospital, said the official micro-Bo, Zhang hospital surgeon human H7N9 infection was confirmed avian influenza confirmed cases.
  According to the new financial reporter, which is the country's first cases of H7N9 avian influenza infection in the medical staff, the medical staff can not exclude the possibility of a patient due to exposure to lead to infection.
  Zhang, male, 31 years old this year. According to the "Oriental Morning Post" reported that Zhang in the Pudong New Area People's Hospital emergency surgical work. He had been looking after the sick colleague prescription and lost fluids, but failed to improve. January 17 morning, Zhang was sent to the intensive care unit. So at 4:00 on January 18, Zhang after she died.
  Shanghai Wei Planning Commission informed that on January 19, samples of laboratory test results for the H7N9 bird flu Zhang virus nucleic acid positive. After Shanghai, clinical expert-level cases based on clinical manifestations, laboratory test results and epidemiological investigation, comprehensive judgment confirmed cases of the H7N9 bird flu human cases of infection.
  Deputy director of the Shanghai Public Health Center told Caixin reporter Lu Hongzhou, the possibility of infection of H7N9 doctors still relatively small, but doctors are human. Samples of this case is still further detection. "The sequencing of the virus, including laboratory testing should be done at the P3 level lab, so the scientific results should come out some time."
  Lu Hongzhou on the evening of January 17 has been involved in consultation Zhang. He said that Zhang's rapid progression, "First H7N9 itself relatively fast development, in addition to the doctor more fat, which is an incentive. (Obesity) is prone to severe, prone to death."
  Health care workers infected with H7N9, the virus from person to person is cause for concern again.August 2013, Jiangsu Province, CDC researchers in the "British Medical Journal" (BMJ) published research report, saying it found a case of suspected H7N9 "person to person" cases. They believe, H7N9 virus may be spread from person to achieve, but "this kind of infection is limited and unsustainable."
  Subsequently, in response to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, said the study report, which from clusters of cases and Shanghai's son three-person family clusters of cases, couples two-person household aggregation case, the World Health Organization Health and Family Planning Commission and the Joint Assessment Team Experts have been fully analyzed and discussed, namely that this was several clusters of cases can not be ruled out limited human-human transmission is possible.
  Lu Hongzhou to new fiscal reporters that Zhang emergency department staff where very crowded place where the Pudong New Area People's Hospital in the urban fringe, compared the mix. Therefore, to find the reason Zhang H7N9 virus infection, but also on Zhang's work environment, living environment, the road environment, there is no contact with poultry, including the possibility to do a systematic survey.
  Shanghai on the 20th of the other notified cases of H7N9 confirmed cases Wu, is the city a 77-year-old male farmer. Under the notification, this year Shanghai reported a total of seven cases have been confirmed cases of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza, are sporadic cases. 

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