Saturday, January 25, 2014

H10N8 Avian Influenza Case List 2013/14

We now have a 2nd reported case.  I have started a list.  It will be located in the right side-bar for future reference.  The H10N8 has never been reported in humans before the first case, in December of 2013.  The list is as follows:

H10N8 Case List 2013 - 2014
Number depict case age.  Red=Death.  Blue=Recovered.

I.      Nanchang (73) (55)

Detailed Report by Province:

Date of Report:  12/18/2013
Name:  73(F)
From:  Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
Adm:  Hospital in Nanchang
Treated for severe pneumonia, high blood pressure, a neuromuscular disorder & suffered a heart attack.
Note:  Not know if she her death was connected to H10N8.
First ever human case reported.
Had contact with live birds at market.
No contact cases.
DOD:  12/6

Date of Report:  1/26/14
Name:  55(F) Zhang
From:  Nanchang, Jiangxi
Onset:  1/8/14 sore throat, diziness, asthenia
Adm:  1/15 Nanchang
Confirmed:  1/26/14
Note:  One contact to agricultural market

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