Thursday, January 23, 2014

#H7N9 Shanghai: 2 Confirmed Cases From The Same Family?

[I can not find anything on 2 confirmed cases from the same family from Shanghai.  I do have that from Guangzhou -- with the Father being discharged today, but not Shanghai.  Any help on this would be appreciated.]

Translation - Excerpt
From The Standard:

Ko noted that experts say there has only been limited human-to-human transmission so far of H7N9.
Recent cases in Shanghai involved two members of the same family and a doctor. "In the first case, it's possible they had been exposed to a poultry market. We cannot yet confirm human-to- human infection in this case," Ko said.
"For the doctor's case, we need to further study whether during the incubation period the doctor was in contact with any H7N9 cases, or was exposed to a poultry market environment."

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