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Guangdong Fujian and Zhejiang #H7N9 scare people soared 12 cases

January 19, 2014
[Epoch Times January 19, 2014 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Li Xia reported) Continental H7N9 bird flu currently very rapid diffusion of Guangdong and Fujian and Zhejiang provinces for nearly two days 12 new cases were notified, causing public panic, chicken slow-moving again . Guangzhou, the first case has not yet out of danger, the 5-year-old daughter was also recently confirmed to be infected. There are people complaining about the authorities to cover up the truth, there are a lot of people know.

As of the 18th, H7N9 bird flu spread to the mainland, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guizhou, Shanghai, a total of five provinces and one city. Since 2014, official data showed confirmed cases reported in Guangdong Province, 15 cases, 2 deaths, Zhejiang Province, 20 cases, 1 death, Jiangsu Province, two cases, seven cases of Fujian Province, one died, one was dead in Guizhou Province cases, five cases of Shanghai. Confirmed cases totaled 50 cases, including 5 deaths, the mortality rate was 10%.

Guangdong add three cases have accumulated 23 cases daughter onset debt
According to Lu media reports, the Guangdong Provincial Family Planning Commission on the 18th of Health informed that Guangdong Province has added three cases of H7N9 bird flu confirmed cases, including two cases in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and one case. Guangzhou City, a case for the city's first confirmed case Panmou 5-year-old daughter, is currently being treated in isolation.
Panmou who lives in Guangzhou, the first case Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, the sand East markets operating tofu hawker stalls, on January 3 disease, the 11th confirmed. The 5-year-old daughter on January 14 disease, 18 patients diagnosed with H7N9 bird flu, the current H7N9 avian influenza in Guangzhou City, the designated hospital for isolation and treatment, mild symptoms. Panmou father and daughter have the disease, but the official said that if human transmission can not be determined, because the child had to follow their parents into the market activity.

The Epoch Times was informed by the Department of Panmou peasant family, unable to pay huge medical bills, his sister had been posted to the community in a network emergency, there is still no one to rescue them, including government departments. Currently Panmou treatment has spent more than 100,000 yuan, the family four loans to relatives and friends, in addition to borrow 60,000 yuan, it also owed the hospital medical expenses over 40,000 yuan. The Panmou has not yet out of danger, still in the intensive care unit for treatment.
Panmou sister of The Epoch Times, said she is currently in the south hospital care brother, sister-in-law with a 5-year-old daughter was treated in isolation, his father took over his brother's tofu stall to earn a living, the mother at home to take care of his brother eight month old baby daughter, a man torn apart, and his brother's condition is still in critical condition.

"We are now a man of high tension, the fear of what happened then and now my brother still need to pay inspection fees and the purchase of another human serum albumin, and today I borrowed 3,000 yuan, spent, no. Bring me sister-in-law costs of children hospitalized have not been available, now nobody rescue us, I do not know how to do, can only be day to day! "Miss Pan said helplessly.

Another case was 83-year-old Guangzhou Yang woman living in Liwan District of Guangzhou City. January 2 onset, fever appears on the 6th respiratory tract infection symptoms, the 8th to the hospital, 11, was hospitalized on the 15th Guangzhou CDC diagnosis of H7N9 avian influenza positive review of the 18th Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control confirmed for the H7N9 bird flu, the current H7N9 avian influenza in Guangzhou City, the designated hospital, in critical condition. His repeated visits to the markets to buy food before the onset buy meat.

Shenzhen case was 62 years old Zhou retired man living in Shenzhen Futian District, January 6 onset, fever, headache and other symptoms, has removed at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and many other hospital treatment, the Guangdong provincial CDC confirmed it is H7N9 avian influenza cases in Shenzhen City, the third hospital treatment, the symptoms less severe.
As of January 18, 2014, Guangdong Province reported a total of 23 cases of confirmed cases, 2 deaths, statistics date from August 2013, Huizhou City, the first reported cases began. The current situation of each case, four cases of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, 4 cases, 8 cases of Foshan, Huizhou City, one case, Dongguan City, three cases, one case of death, Yangjiang 3 cases, 1 death.
Zhejiang new cases for 10 consecutive days accumulated 20 cases

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