Sunday, January 19, 2014

#H7N9 Guangdong Province Two Discharged

January 19, 2014

In addition, Shenzhen on December 19 last year confirmed the first case of H7N9 in Shenzhen City, a case in Europe, and this year's January 7 Area with confirmed cases have been cured of the second, they were discharged on the 19th.
As of January 19, 2014, Guangdong province reported a total of 23 cases, 3 deaths.Expert analysis and judgment, winter and spring there is H7N9 outbreak in Guangdong are prone trend.
Guangdong Province

Date of Report:  12/19/13

Name:  Ou 38(M)

From:  Longgang Dist., Shenzhen City

Onset:  12/9 fever, cough.  Went to Nanling Village clinic in Longgang Dist.

Confirmed:  12/17 (draw fluid)


12/12 South Bay Hosp. ER swabs test neg for Infl. A

12/14 began to use Tamiflu

12/16 South Bay Hosp.  ER swabs test neg for Infl. A

Adm:  12/18 Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital

Status:  Taken off vent on 12/23.  1 month or more treatment.

Notes:  Migrant worker who lives & works on Nanwan Street, Longgang Dist., near one of the infected markets where authorities found H7N9 on December 11.
STATUS:  Discharged 1/19/14


Date of Report:  1/7/14

Name:  31(M) Ou

From:   Hung Wai Street, Jiefang Road, Luohu Dist, Shenzhen City


Onset:  12/30/13 fever, fatigue.  Self-medication

12/31:  worse

1/3:  Adm - Bao’an Dist People’s Hospital

1/5:  Transferred to ICU

1/6:  Confirmed

1/7:  Transferred to Shenzhen Third People’s Hosp.

current status 1/8:  Stable.

Notes:  No live poultry exposure.  35 contacts.  All test negative
STATUS:  discharged 1/19/14

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