Saturday, January 25, 2014

#H7N9 Beijing Measure to Prevent Occurrence of Major Animal Epidemic - Bans All Live Poultry Transactions

Translation - editing is mine
Since the People, Beijing, January 25 electricity into the winter, to prevent the occurrence of major animal epidemic, Beijing's major animal and plant epidemic Headquarters Office issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the city's H7N9 bird flu emergency precautions," which developed eleven deployment Comprehensive measures items: First, strengthen farm households routine inspections; Second is to further increase the disinfection and source intensity; Third, strengthen the immune system to work effectively; fourth is to strengthen surveillance and reporting; five is strictly Beijing mark; six is ​​completely banned live poultry market transactions; seven strengthen poultry slaughter and quarantine supervision; eight strengthen Report investigated; nine strengthen the information submitted; Ten is implementing emergency duty; eleven to make emergency preparations.


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