Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ambon was Not Yet Free Rabies

[Here is another story that combines Rabies with bird flu...I wasn't going to post it, but considering the post below, from Shiloh, which talks mostly of rabies also, with a suspected case reported at the end, I decided to post it.]

Kamis, 27 November 2008 08:12 - the Dinas Kehutanan Target, Pertanian and Livestock Breeding (Dishutanak) the Ambon City, to make all the Ambon City territory to be free the rabies illness to the end of this 2008 evidently was not yet successful. The "target of Kota Ambon free rabies to the end of 2008 was not yet reached, was caused by the low level" of the "awareness" of the "community, especially the owner" of the "kept animal to bring the animal of the virus bearer especially the dog, the monkey and the cat to divaksin," said the Head of Dishutanak Kota Ambon, H. Latupeirissa, on Wednesday (26/11).
In Ambon the animal of the bearer of the rabies virus like the cat and the monkey rarely was found, whereas his population's dog that was very big, because of his population continued to improve from the year to the year. The data that was owned by Dishutanak the Ambon city mentioned, the number of dogs in the Ambon city to the end of 2008 reached more than 15,000 tails. From the number, just around 9,000 tails that were vaccinated. Latupeirissa added, the rabies vaccination will free continue to be carried out till 2009 in order to releases the Ambon City from rabies, and early this coming December, Dishutanak the Ambon city, will come back carried out the vaccination of stage Rabies Ii during the budget year 2008.

The stage vaccination Ii, will be carried out by the operation penyisiran against dogs that could not be vaccinated in the I stage and will be done together all over the subdistrict. He hoped the owners of the dog could help the official to memvaksin their kept animal, because if the dog was vaccinated intensively while three years were endless automatically antibodies will towards the rabies virus be formed.

"If his antibodies have been formed although being bitten by the rabies dog also would not tertular." For the owner of the dog that want to consume his meat must be waiting fastest a month and safe to be consumed, explained Latupeirissa. Along with the vaccination of stage rabies Ii, Dishutanak Kota Ambon also will do fogging bird flu all over the Ambon city territory by the fund that was provided through APBD Kota Ambon in 2008.

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