Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Makassar was the Simulation of the Burung Flu Pandemic

[...and the gratitude to the World Health Organization]
Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The team of the control of national bird flu chose the Makassar City to be made the location of the simulation of the bird flu pandemic. The simulation that will be carried out while three days will be held this coming March 2009. The secretary of the Team of the Verification and the Management of the Case, the Control Committee of Bird Flu of Nasional,Prof Dr Dr Tjandra Yoga Aditama said, this simulation as the form of anticipation towards the spread of the interpersonal bird flu illness humankind. ”Untuk at this time the bird flu pandemic did not yet happen. However, could happened. So, we will carry out preparations with did simulasi,” he said ended carried out the meeting with the Guardian of the City of Makassar,A Herry Iskandar, in the office Balaikota, kemarin.

He added, the election and the appointment of the Makassar City as the location of the simulation did not have the connection with the case of several residents of the Tangkejangang Village, the District of Sudiang,Kecamatan Biringkanaya that was stated suspect bird flu. This simulation was not carried out was based on the number of cases. ”Makassar had been chosen for the location of the simulation for a long time and not because of having the case. But, we chose Makassar because the infrastructure was ready afterwards the community's participation was it was thought good. Because of that we will try to make the simulation if having the pandemic terjadi,” he explained was accompanied by Section Head Kesehatan Makassar, Naisyah T Azikin. The close man was greeted by Tjandra this explained, this simulation has been held diberbagai the area in Indonesia.

Last 2007, the simulation was spread out in the Balinese Province to setting rural areas whereas Makassar, eventually for the simulation setting urban areas. As for the form of the simulation that was carried out that is, the existence of the case of the spread of bird flu from humankind to humankind. With this matter, the previous then patient was run off with to the hospital and got the intensive maintenance. Resulting from this matter, the area around the location of the humankind was domiciled was isolated or closed that the spread happens and carries out quarantine against this patient. ”Lokasi for the simulation was not yet determined by us because of our arrival only to send an amount of important preparation to Sir Wali Kota,” he said sembari stressed South Sulawesi was still safe in the case of bird flu.

Panakkukang and Makassar Dapat Bantuan Dana Sementara Itu, after the extermination of hundreds of poultries that were stated positive bird flu in the Biringkanaya Subdistrict some time before, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave the help contribution of the fund and technical to the Makassar Municipal Government. This help was given to the Makassar Subdistrict and Panakkukang. Giving of this help was expressed in being in a meeting of the co-ordination from the agency in relation to the consultant WHO, Omai and drg Yusra, and the Department's agency of the health of RI, Wahyu Sunadji. They were received by several related agencies the handling of bird flu in the Office Balaikota, yesterday.

Moreover, in being in a meeting of the co-ordination that was closed that, apparatus of the health Service of the Makassar City, was asked for in order to carry out counselling to the community about this virus danger, and synchronization with Government be involved in dealt with the danger as well as the impact in the future of this virus. ”Instansi related that will carry out counselling to all health apparatus of the public figure, the religious figure, and the mass organisation about the characteristics and the sign of this virus. Moreover will carry out the increase in human resources, the spreading of information, and carried out further meetings in the future in the matter protecting/controlling/fighting,” said the Sub Bagian Pemberitaan Head of public relations of the Makassar Municipal Government, Pagar of Nature.

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