Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Panasonic flu recall foreign service families

By February 11 hearing】 〔Liberty Times compiler郑晓兰/ roundup〕 the world's largest plasma TV maker Panasonic Corporation of Japan announced on the 9th, in order to prevent bird flu outbreak, has decided to massive recall of Chinese-based region of the world's top five officers, who are family members. Once the company to consider the epidemic broke out, foreign service families to evacuate will inevitably difficult, therefore asked the families of September this year, before the return to Japan. This is the first large-scale multinational companies have recalled the Japanese foreign service dependents, may also be the future of other enterprises of avian influenza caused by the impact of control measures.

The world's top five areas of China mainly

Since the end of last year, signs of avian influenza after the epidemic emerged, Panasonic on the issue began to withdraw families of foreign staff's instructions. Taking into account the family members must find new home after returning home, as well as school children and other issues, the company will therefore be the period in September this year, with immediate effect the new expatriates are not allowed to post携眷.

Panasonic in the world has more than 200 branch offices in China, about 70 other Asian countries more than 70 others. The company recalled the wave region in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Russia and Independent States, such as more than 100 branch offices, taking into account local factors such as medical standards do not include North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia Singapore.
Europe, America, Oceania, Singapore, except
2003 originated in Asia, H5N1 avian influenza virus, was seen as the most dangerous to human virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out, H5N1 has caused nearly 250 deaths.

China this year, eight people have been infected with avian flu, in which five people were killed and the country has become the source of the danger of the epidemic prevalence is also rising. Japan MHLW projection pointed out that once the outbreak of the global epidemic, the number of deaths in Japan may reach 640,000 people maximum. The foreign service for the families of the withdrawal request, again affected by China's 50 largest companies, but Panasonic has not announced the actual recall the exact number of dependents of employees.

Panasonic said that in case the spread of the epidemic, as to the strict immigration control, foreign service and their families will become difficult to return. Therefore, as a multi-national corporations should take countermeasures in advance in order to avoid emergency response difficult.

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