Monday, April 13, 2009

Agriculture: 40% of the existing poultry market is currently infected with bird flu!

Report of clean of the Bureau International des warns of the danger of the spread of the disease in Egypt .. It is recommended to take further action to reduce it

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Informed sources said the Ministry of Agriculture of the «constitution»: The reports from the departments of veterinary medicine GOVERNORATES different stresses that there is the most serious bird flu in different governorates, both currently of domestic birds or poultry in commercial farms.

The sources pointed out that the directorates of the samples taken from the veterinary poultry farms and poultry in the markets has shown that 40% of the poultry in the markets currently infected with the different governorates of avian flu, and why Ordjan in the presence of this virus to the infected poultry farms in the market, although it infected.

The sources pointed out that the International Office of Epizootics, Paris sent a report to Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif last week warning of the danger of bird flu in Egypt during the current period, the report recommended the need to immunize all the birds at one time instead of the vaccinated in several stages, as well as increasing numbers of workers vaccinated birds, since their numbers were no more than 4 thousand of them 3 thousand vet assistants and the rest, while that required the appointment of at least 34 A, a veterinarian and an assistant to contribute to the vaccination virus.

For his part, Dr. Sami Taha, a member of the Board of the Association that veterinarians to reduce the spread of the disease, it must begin immediately in the application of bio-security standards within the farm, as well as work on the removal of pigs from farms within the residential blocks within the Greater Cairo and transfer to the outside of Cairo, where it has been proven that the scientific work on the spread of pig disease.

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