Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Circulated, Surat People's Representative Council Minta Namru-2 was opened by Kembali

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Selasa, 14/04/2009

Naval Medical Research Unit (Namru) -2 were still being stopped now by the government because controversial. However, the People's Representative Council (the People's Representative Council) ask for Namru-2 was opened again.

This People's Representative Council request was included from the letter that circulated in the mass media circle. The letter that headed People's Representative Council was numbered PW.01/1173/DPR RI/II/2009 and was aimed at the Foreign Affairs Minister. The letter that was made in February 19 2009 that was signed by Vice Chairman DPR Soetardjo Soerjogoeritno . And ditembuskan to headed by the People's Representative Council, Pimpinan of the Commission of I People's Representative Council, the Health Minister, and RI People's Representative Council Secretary General. His contents stated that the Commission of I People's Representative Council met the Association Pegawai Indonesia Namru -2 on February 5.

In this audience was sent concerning the stopping of the research activity and the activity in the project Namru-2, that had an impact on the development of the research in the health field as well as continuation of the status of the Indonesian civil service of the researcher's staff in Namru-2, was like this the opener paragraph that was included in the letter. Afterwards, the People's Representative Council then ask for to the government about 3 matters. Basically, the People's Representative Council ask for so that the activity Namru-2 was opened, although the agreement or negotiations that were carried out by the government with Namru-2 was going.

Along with the contents of this letter:

Firstly, asked that the government sped up talks MoU Namru-2 with the mutually beneficial principle and closed the gap that contained the damaging potential for the national Indonesian interests.

Secondly, while talks took place so that the activity Namru-2 in the research field/the training of the health continued to be carried out by continuing to make full use of and increase the researcher's Indonesian professionalism.

Thirdly, so that the Government cq the Foreign Affairs Department extended permission remained and worked for the American researchers in Namru-2 until had the other provisions that were produced from talks MoU this.

Beforehand, Namru-2 was frozen by his activity by the government last by mid 2008. Namru-2 was pointed out stole the sample of the bird flu virus strain Indonesia by taking the resident's Indonesian blood that infected without the existence of permission from the authority of the Indonesian health, in this case the Department of Health.

The ease of access was to this resident increased by the position Namru-2 that was directly joined with the Body of Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Department of Health in Street Percetakan Negara, Jakarta Pusat.

Namru-2 also asked for the addition of diplomatic immunity for all of his foreign researchers, although not undertaking the diplomatic mission. In fact, the immune status diplomatic has been obtained headed by Namru-2. The existence Namru-2 below Department of Health RI was also questioned, because in the United States (the USA), the laboratory belonging to the US Navy the identity under the Department of the Defence (Dephan) the USA. The government froze Namru-2 and evaluated him whether being closed or continued. When being continued by the government asked the condition to be more just and mutually beneficial for Namru-2 and RI.