Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tangerang Also was on the alert Bird Flu

[title is incorrect. This article is about the Singapore Flu, not Avian Influenza, H5N1]

Rabu, 15 April 2009
Officially Kesehatan of the Tangerang Regency guard against spread him the case of Singaporean flu that currently becomes an epidemic in Depok and surrounding area.

Vigilance was increased by carrying out the preventive step through the Community Health Centre and schools. ”Kami dismissed edaran and the brochure about the introduction to the illness that was caused by the virus itu,” said the Head of the Pemberantasan Field of the Prevention of the Illness and Lingkungan Dinas Kesehatan Sanitation of the Regency Tangerang Yully Soenar Dewanti to the Time, on Wednesday (15/5).

According to Yully, his side appealed to all of Community Health Centers to alert and preceptive in the handling of the case of the illness that was caused by the Voksakie virus and introvirus this. ”Lembaran contained about the illness, the cause, the process of the spread and the incubation period him has been spread by us, basically the obligatory Community Health Centre handled the case that was reported masyarakat,” he said.

For schools, said Yully, his side has co-operated with the Kesehatan Unit of their respective School to know the characteristics and the spread of this illness. ”If was found by the student who experienced this illness, immediately reported to Community Health Center or the Service Health,” he said.

Yully also ask for to the school side to do sterilization the school environment if being found had the student was entrolled in school this that was affected by the illness that spread quickly that. ”When/If needed the school furloughed,” he said.

In Tangerang, said Yully, the case of Singaporean flu began to be detected since 2005 that was suffered by two age children under 10 years. Till this 2009, according to Yully, the number of cases of Singaporean flu was in Tangerang recorded by four children. ”Rata-level they from the circle was and often went on a trip went out negeri,” he said.

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