Friday, April 17, 2009

M. Jamil Still Was Treated Intensive

Friday, 17 April 2009

Padang, Metro - the Condition for the patient Suspect bird flu M. Jamil (16) till yesterday still was treated intensive in isolation space of Irna C Petri Penyakit Dalam RS Dr M. Djamil Padang. Yesterday, the fever and breathless the patient from Sungailansek Kabupaten Sijunjuang this descended compared with the first day entered, on Wednesday night (15/3).

However, the team of the control doctor of the bird flu illness did not yet allow the patient to come home. "Results rapid his test was negative. However, we were still being waiting for results of the inspection of Balitbangkes in Jakarta. That was caused, because the patient had the story of contact with the poultry that died," the Medical headword of the Service Field of RS Dr M. Djamil Padang Dr Irayanti SpM, yesterday.

The patient who experienced the high fever, breathless, flu and this cough, said Irayanti, also were checked swap the throat to know the other deviation that was suffered by the patient suspect. From the family's information, the patient before experiencing the characteristics as the sufferer Suspect, beforehand experienced contact with the poultry around his house. From the official's inspection of the Livestock Service, this poultry positive contracted the virus H5N1.

Met was separated, Section Head Health Sumbar Dr Rosnini Syavitri MKes said, after patient suspect from Sungailansek, all the poultry was around the patient's house destroyed to prevent the spreading of the virus H5N1. "The team from the Livestock Service and the health has destroyed the poultry. Moreover, we also gave counselling to the resident and the public figure to be on the alert and preceptive bird flu," said Rosnini.

From January to this April, has been recorded by 3 patients Suspect bird flu, that is from the Padangpariaman Regency, Dharmasraya and finally from Sungailansek Kabupaten Sijunjuang. Now, from 2005 to 2009, the patient Suspect reached 62 people. Where five patients were stated positive bird flu, one person had finally died and four other people recovered.

The bird flu virus was the very deadly virus. To humankind, the infection of the bird flu virus was marked in a hot manner high was accompanied breathless difficult. When finding signs as this, and beforehand had the story of contact with the poultry, the resident better immediately to the community health centre to get the diagnosis and Tamiflu giving.

Tamiflu was given free in the Community Health Centre. This medicine had a function of preventing the expansion of the bird flu virus in the body. However, this medicine only was effective if being given in two days or 48 hours since the patient contracted the sign of bird flu.

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