Friday, April 17, 2009

Cairo International Airport because of the crisis 30 sparrows

sparrows rarely raised were seized Friday along with passengers coming from Saudi Arabia in the crisis between the Cairo International Airport, the customs authorities and the veterinary quarantine and the airline carrier, where the latter refused to co-disposal of the birds, either to return or destroy.The Egyptian customs officials seized 30 sparrows rarely platoons of "A" and "Zebra" in the wooden box, accompanied by central battery passengers to return to Egyptian Egypt Air flight from Jeddah.

For his part, Hesham Saleh, director of the customs to inform the doctor of veterinary quarantine, as recommended not to enter to protect the country from bird flu, with the return to Saudi Arabia or destroy. Was reported to the airline for the birds, but they refused because the Saudi authorities to impose a heavy fine on the airline in such cases, as the authorities did not take the veterinary quarantine procedures for execution, and birds still in the customs hall.|en&u=

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