Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Indo: Kian Bird flu raged, NTB Health Office Request Additional Tamiflu Drug


Jakarta bird flu (H5N1) affecting 10 districts in Bima regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), increasingly raged.Since the first cases emerged, late in February 2012 and then, at least 8500 birds died suddenly. The local health office requesting additional tamiflu."poultry that died suddenly were free-range chicken. distribution is still in the ten districts," said Dilaga Syamsul Hidayat, Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health NTB in Mataram on Wednesday (07/03/2012). Syamsul said, the results laboratory tests at the Central Veterinary Denpasar, Bali, has come out. From the samples sent, certainly belongs to the citizens chicken died of bird flu virus attacks. Currently, said Dilaga, spraying disinfectant continues.While birds in areas that have tested positive for isolated. Chickens that died suddenly burned and the ashes buried. ten districts affected by the District Soromandi, Wawo, Madapangga, Bolo, WOHA, Belo, Ambalawi, Langudu, Donggo and Lambu. So far, eight districts in Bima was declared safe from the bird flu virus attack this. Met separately in Mataram, NTB Chief Medical Officer, Mohammad Ismail ensure bird flu virus has not spread in the Milky-to-human. "To date, there has been no reported virus infecting humans. We still continue to monitor," he said. Since the first case was found, Public Health Service tamiflu drug spread, a cure for bird flu to people as a precaution. NTB Health Department also has filed similar requests for additional medication from the Ministry of Health. "We actually still have supplies, but we ask additional to the Ministry of Health to anticipate," Ismail. addition of tamiflu medication is needed, given the bird flu alert in the Milky take up to 14 days , referring to the deadly virus incubation period. "If we had a contract to humans, we already have a fixed procedure for handling. readiness of hospitals and health personnel is also no problem," he said. (try / nrl)

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