Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indonesia: Metro Bandung: Dinkes continued the Inspection Belasan the Chicken

MARCH 10, 2012

Officially Kesehatan (Dinkes) the Bandung City and the Pertanian Service and Endurance of Pangan Kota Bandung carried out investigation towards the environment of casualties's house suspect bird flu. "We have checked the poultry died was not far from casualties's house suspect bird flu but results negatif.," said the Head of the Pencegahan Field of the eradication of the Illness of Hewan Distan Kota Bandung, Sudarmaji, on Wednesday (8/2) in the Pasar Indukt Gedebage.

Sudarmaji said, although results of the chicken inspection died the negative, his side continued the inspection 17 chickens lived one kandangmya but results were not yet still in the Cikole lab. Sudarmaji said, after being suspect that died, his side immediately did rapid or the direct checking in the field, the checking was carried out, the reason around his house had the poultry that died.

However, for the time being, was based on results rapid, results of the negative. According to Sudarmaji, if results peneriksaan 17 positive chickens then will be carried out pemusnahan.dan the cleaning of the environment.

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