Friday, March 9, 2012

Indonesia: Another Suspect In Connection to MF (24) Conf. in Bangkulu?

hat-tip PFI
Thu, March 8th, 2012
Expected, There Were Other Casualties Bird Flu [Bengkulu]
Apart from carrying out spraying to the resident's house of the team also distributed Glutacap to the resident that needed to be sprayed personally by the resident if being felt necessary. Now the resident who carried out direct contact to the body MV, like bathed could take disinfectant in the community health centre of Ratu Agung. From Perumnas Unib spraying was continued to Bandaraya in the RJ residence pre-schoolers suspect bird flu in Street Bandaraya Merpati Indah 2 C blocs and surrounding area.


Duff Smith said...

It seems that in Indonesia, different ranks of leadership will intervene in a story as it grows, with varying tendency and power to redact as a attempt to mitigate short-term local economic consequences. If honesty is not the best policy, then I have to say... what they're ending up with at the end of the day isn't 2nd or 3rd best. It makes a downright awful impression. I could go on, but then there's countries that aren't reporting anything. I can't believe how shallow and scientifically illiterate the media has been. This is the topic for which this could certainly become the ultimate downfall, for everyone.

Commonground said...

Yes, you are correct. That is exactly what happens with the politics of birdflu in Indonesia. And it could become the downfall of all involved. Great comments, I agree 100%.
We do our best to put the information out there for all that are interested.