Friday, March 9, 2012

Temporary detention of two men against the duty

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Friday, 09/03/2012 06:00

(DSCT) at 17 hours on 5-3-2012 inspection avian flu prevention of inter-city include: Veterinary Department, Market Management, Television City, the Market Management Team District 12 , police teams investigating crimes and order and economic management positions - CAQ12 made ​​a written record of administrative violations, collection of illegal trade of poultry including 12 chickens, ducks may be quarantined by a some people live poultry trade in illegal bridge University, District 12. When the inspection team to move forward on the bridge over the P13Q.Go Vap when suddenly two women were rushed to the dam holding the cane cracking Innova car windshield specialized BS: 51A-1994, denting the roof and at the same time as serious car scratched. Estimated loss of more than 10 million. After receiving information, police have identified Vap P13Q.Go two objects on a Le Thi My Dieu (SN 1983, living in Binh Thuan) and sister Bui Thi Le (implies Quang Nam). Le Dieu and are two of the buyers of live poultry in the area for illegal College. By 11 am on 6-3-2012, police records P13Q.Go Vap moved on to the same two objects Go Vap district police to investigate and clarify. Mr. Huynh Thanh Tuyen - Chairman Vap P13Q.Go - said both objects and Le Noble's wife and sister of Nguyen Minh Tuan (nicknamed "Tuan chicken", SN 1981), specializing in wholesale and retail sale of live poultry in the area illegally Belt Bridge School. About two weeks ago, to combat inter-disciplinary inspection team on duty, Tuan Manh holding the lamp tubes standing challenges, threats. After that, police have documented P13Q.Go Vap management and sanctions for violations of Tuan stated. Go Vap district police records are consolidating to deal seriously with the incident.

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