Thursday, March 8, 2012

Indonesia: Two Toddlers Suspected #Birdflu #H5N1

Bima city, (SM). - Precautions should be a high level of attention of society Bima, at this time. Despite the thousands of poultry (chicken) died suddenly and found to have been suffering from H1N1 or bird flu, both in the City and County of Bima. Deadly virus that too, should be anticipated by all parties, so as not to have contracted the same disease and afflicts humans.
Call it, two babies under five years old (Toddler) from the village of Sila Nggembe Bolo Bima District, each Azhar (2.5 months) and Latifa (11 months), last Wednesday morning should be referred to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Bima of initial treatment at the Center for Public Health (PKM) Bolo Bima. The reason, parents of children referred to the recognition and content of the references listed, indicated and suspected of having bird flu, aka H1N1 virus.
Over the same symptoms as symptoms of human bird flu virus, such as body heat rises, vomiting, flu and cough is perceived and it happened to two young children, local PKM refer and take action to Bima was rushed to hospitals.
Although the feeling of anxiety mingled surprise, Farhan, parents of toddlers Latifa, when dikonfimrmasi number of journalists in the Milky sal Hospital, where she nursed the baby, agrees the reference to the local PKM symptoms are felt and experienced her baby the same as the initial symptoms of the victims indicated and suffered a bird flu virus. Though he acknowledges, in his village home and there is absolutely no indication the death of poultry or bird flu.
"In addition, during this my home and wife and seiisi no direct contact with poultry such as chicken and other", explains Farhan.
Farhan's just a story, elevated body heat symptoms with cough and colds in babies, has been felt two days ago, until he decided to be examined and treated at a local PKM. "Apparently, after being treated and examined intensively in PKM Bolo, children suspected of having bird flu symptoms. According to the PKM medical team, who felt the same symptoms as symptoms of bird flu victims, "he said.

In a separate encounter, PR Bima Hospital, Dr H Sucipto explains, pain is felt by two young children, while of the diagnosis, not the bird flu and is not indicated. Only the other bacterial illness that is not from the bird flu virus or H1N1.
"Although we have not got the results of lab tests and test results of blood samples in two patients, he acknowledges, there are symptoms and felt the baby, is similar to the symptoms experienced by victims of bird flu," he said.
Cipto said, someone or the baby is considered the symptoms of bird flu virus, at least there will mendiganosa early history of the disease. Moreover, the relevant (baby) and family, there is absolutely no direct contact with birds affected by avian flu. "Nati came back two days later, we can

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