Monday, February 9, 2009

Anxious fell ill Kebonpedes Bird Flu


09-02-2009 08:31 WIB

KEBONPEDES - Regions cutting centers such as Kelurahan chicken Kebonpedes District Tanahsareal one of the locations prone to spread bird flu. Every day there is movement of poultry out from the outside entrance of the city.

Groove Kebonpedes Maman Kadarisman worry that the spread of the virus dinilainya very quickly. "Kebonpedes is a high risk, because people do every day contact with poultry, and the location of the settlement are cutting people," he said.

He therefore requested that the handling chicken pieces should be really clean and sterile, because of dirt, blood and saliva can transmit various chicken viruses, including bird flu.
Residents in these locations is also concerned with maraknya bird flu now.

As dituturkan Agus Widodo (32) residents RT02/02 Pondokrumput this claim is concerned, because the chicken pieces, still have to remove the chicken to cutting waste water of the channel. "We here are always wary when people have a fever certainly be examined directly. Besides cleanliness also be the responsibility of citizens together, "he said.

In response to unrest Kebonpedes headman, Kasi Kesmavet Agriculture drh Arief Mukti said, until this time there is no bird flu cases in humans were found in the location of the cutting chicken or dipeternakan large.

"This may be because every day they have been exposed to poultry, so there are naturally immune," he said. Especially because the birds in the treatment location is more restrained, ie, the provision of vaccines and vitamin routine, scheduled disinvektan environmental hygiene are also awake. (Rit)

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