Saturday, February 7, 2009

Japan: Editorial: Lessons生KASE flu this winter with new measures

2009 February 8 Mainitishinbun 0:30

The flu this winter, and always seems to look a little different. So I might have a person I'm dreading it.
Infection occurred in a hospital group in Machida, Tokyo, three elderly people died. Resistant virus resistance
to anti-influenza drug Tamiflu, according to the expansion in Japan.
Both can not be neglected. However, in this situation that was not entirely unexpected. Are likely to
underestimate the seasonal flu every year is not prevalent. In addition, lessons from the seasonal flu, thought
to occur in the near future, "avian flu" It is important to make the measures.
In Japan, each year, people die of the flu season. There are few years, as many are estimated to be a season
that killed more than 10,000 people. High risk of death in infants and the elderly.
This time, the hospital infection problem Machida's population, nearly 450 people have been hospitalized, the
average age was 83 years old. Many hospitals and welfare facilities for the elderly, the location of the watch.
Many of the patients and staff that had been vaccinated, but it was not defenseless. However, if the
preventive measures and thorough hand washing and wearing masks, there is a question. OKANAKU also
considering the need for prophylactic administration of anti-influenza drugs should not be in this facility. The
challenge is how to control traffic.
If avian flu, the more damage will be expanded. Keep in mind is that, to analyze the case, it生KASUBEKI the
The emergence of drug resistant virus, it was expected to some extent. Regardless of antiviral drugs, even
antibiotics for bacteria, the emergence of resistant pathogens is the fate of. Tamiflu-resistant virus, in Europe
last season was detected in A-type high frequency of the Soviet Union. In Japan, the season A was found to
be resistant to most of the Soviet Union. So far, the antiviral drug Relenza is effective in another, the risk of
emerging resistance to this virus.
Because the resistance to Tamiflu pandemic virus, it is emerging as the Tamiflu resistant avian flu is not.
However, the possibility is not zero, or may later acquire resistance. Now, being a new anti-flu drug trial, that
you have more than one drug is important.
Of course, it is dangerous to rely on the anti-influenza drug. The method relies on a limited preventive
medicine and the limited measures taken to eliminate the time it was disabled. Have no immunity to avian flu
in humans, in particular, it is imperative that you try to diversify risks by various measures.

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