Saturday, March 7, 2009

The poultry in Pesanggrahan was destroyed

[I will change the information on my list. IR (3), DOD 2/2, is incorrect.]


The death of the patient suspect bird flu from Pesanggrahan, Southern Jakarta, made the Government of the City of Administrasi Southern Jakarta (the South Jakarta Municipal Government) immediately took fast measures. So that the similar case is not repeated, the South Jakarta Municipal Government direct men-sweeping the poultry that still was maintained by the resident around. Results, eight tails of the poultry succeeded in being destroyed. The South Jakarta Municipal Government gave time till two weeks in the future so that the resident destroys his kept poultry. The patient suspect bird flu that died in the maintenance in the hospital (RS) the Friendship was Simadiah Rahmayanti (3). The resident RT 011/02 the Pesanggrahan District, the Pesanggrahan Subdistrict, Southern Jakarta, this blew out the last breath last Monday (2/3).

Uptil now, to prevent spread him bird flu, the South Jakarta Municipal Government continued to intensify the certification activity and sweeping. “Kita not robbed, sweeping and certification of the poultry continue to still was carried out by us through the official kelurahan,” Mangara Pardede words, the Secretary of the City (Sekko) South Jakarta to the reporter when leading the activity sweeping the poultry in Street Merpati Raya, RT 01/06, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (4/3).
Therefore, he chose Pesanggrahan as the main priority to prevent the spreading of bird flu in Southern Jakarta. In the meantime, since 2009, in the Pesanggrahan Subdistrict has been destroyed totalling 178 tails of the food poultry that consisted of the chicken, the duck, the duck, et cetera. Whereas 144 other tails have gotten the maintenance certificate of the pet poultry. “Sesuai with No Regional Regulations 4 in 2007 about the Control of the Maintenance and the Circulation of the Poultry, actually the community already was not permitted still maintained the poultry, obviously him. Except, if being maintained to the best of 25 metre from the radius of the settlement of the resident and got permission as well as was supplemented with the certificate. In sweeping this poultry, the official only succeeded in pacifying eight tails of the poultry belonging to the resident who was still wandering in the settlement region. “Karena heavy rain, we just could eight ekor,” firm Chaidir. These poultries were at once destroyed by the official by means of being cut off. Chaidir also added, gave tolerance for two weeks so that the community could destroy his property poultries. “Jika was not destroyed also, be forced we will return to the place we will return to this place and would memusnahkannya,” he accused.

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