Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wake up call for travellers..


This message has not been brought to you by either the W.H.O., U.S. State Dept or the Centers for Disease control. If they were, you would have read a Warden message or travel alert by now. Since none of them care to inform you of the situation there, what makes you think they can handle any pandemic situation here?

Here is the link for the WHO Disease outbreak news page.. http://tinyurl.com/b6l38h

The U.S. State Dept Travel Alert page .. http://tinyurl.com/yutclz

The State Dept's avian flu page..last updated Sept 2008.. http://tinyurl.com/bcquf

The CDC Travellers Health page.. http://tinyurl.com/cs93ew

At the top of the CDC website, they claim to be.. "Your online source for Credible Health Information"..

If that were true, would they dare to post this?..

"There are no Travel Health Warnings or Travel Health Precautions currently in effect"

You read this news on Bird Flu. Commonground, I and many others, post on this and many other flu sites. As a newstracker and follower of this news, it is becoming quite alarming as to the lack of pandemic information news that is actually getting to the general public.

Our own govt's and many others are reading this news with you and can see how bad it is getting. Some are posting alerts and travel warnings. Some as I point out, ARE NOT.

The recent outbreaks in China, Vietnam and Indonesia have become very concerning to me.

China has shut down its news on bird flu. The Vietnamese are seemingly unconcerned with the disease and continue to dig up buried culled birds and buried pigs said to have died from PRRS.

..Indonesia is a different story.. a serious story..

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