Thursday, January 17, 2013

Egypt: #H5N1 in Poultry Farm in Luxor

January 17, 2013
The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine Governorate Luxor state of emergency after the appearance of the bird flu virus "H5N1" farm Salah Hashem small district describing center Esna Governorate Luxor, which told the Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of death of 2000 birds at once from his ranch's 5,000 bird in 14 January.
Officials of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine notified Supervisor General Development Sector livestock and poultry, and veterinary medicine that preview and debate that took place at the farm infested sinful, which has the participation of agriculture Esna, and Veterinary Medicine, and the Department of Agriculture, and Environmental Affairs, and police bodies, and lab Regional Veterinary province Luxor, The regional lab proved that the sample is positive for H. Fyfe said that "bird flu.
Said Engineer Mahmoud Zoghby agent cultivation Luxor that the committee has to execute all fowl and's 5,000 bird, and buried landfills health, and work precautionary measures even not taken transmission to other farms, or to humans, stressing that the virus does not go to anyone, did not extend to areas other.
For his part, Alhaji Saad al-Jaafari, said the emergence of the virus status and extermination of these birds after the death of 2000 birds at one caused horror births public place for fear of transmission of the virus to their homes or to other farms, or injury one of the sons center of bird flu, adding the committee has shut down farm to complete the cleansing procedures, which are currently in the village vaccinate around the well, which was hit, and the closure of the farm for the completion of cleansing.

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